With Aerials by AERO you can be sure that you are having drone footage shot by professional aerial cinematographers. We do this daily in solo productions (single piloted) but also in larger drone crews with separate pilots and payload camera operators.

We are specialised and fully European Specific and United States Part 107 certified to fly everywhere you can imagine. Using the latest technologies and newest drones, AERO captures aerial imagery that meets the highest quality and safety standards. We have the following special exemptions and equipment.

  • Fully European Specific and United States Part 107 certified.
  • Pilots with all licenses and skills.
  • RT license and VHF radio for flights in CTR areas at airports like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht Aachen Airport.
  • Special long term night flight (Outside UDP) exemption.
  • Industry and harbour areas exemption.
  • Flying close to buildings which are part of the production.
  • Flying close to and over people who are part of the production.
  • Flying at festivals and events with big crowds and pyrotechnics.
  • Flying near vital infrastructure like powerlines, powerplants and other sensitive areas and their safety zones.

Most of the drone operators pay external parties to setup their Operational Manual with their procedures. We write this all in-house therefore all knowledge you need for your project is directly available through AERO.

Flying a drone is one skill, but also knowing what differentiates a ‘mweh’ shot from a top level cinematic capture is what we do.

All our pilots are also cinematographers and when it’s desired we can even deliver on Aerial DP’s controlling the gimbal seperately.

AERO flies the most recents drones, maintained by our own professionals and our partners. We fly with the following aircraft.

  • DJI Inspire 3 with Zenmuse X9-air (full frame 8K RAW).
  • Freefly Alta X with gimbal and SONY, RED or ARRI camera’s.
  • DJI Mavic 3 (Pro) Cine.
  • FPV self build quads with GoPro, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera or even RED Komodo.

We are positive go-getters with real Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ on set but we also know how to work hard.

With our history of live television productions as directors and producers we are the ideal candidate to fly your live aerials. We know what a director wants and needs and we know how to de-stress your production with our knowledge and hardware.

Team in Saudi Arabia


Gedreven door passie waardoor je precies krijgt -en nog beter- waar je op gehoopt had. Een fijne ploeg om mee te werken.
Julien Hommes
Zeer professioneel team! Fijne samenwerking en altijd mooie luchtopnames!
Tristan Melissen
Professionaliteit, kwaliteit en klantgerichtheid waar je nog eens op kan bouwen! Ook wat betreft ontheffingen en communicatie met de luchtverkeersleiding zit je bij Frank aan het juiste adres. Wij komen zeker terug 😉Bedankt!
Jeroen Frissen
Frank gaat zeer professioneel te werk. Zorgt dat alles op tijd geregeld is en werkt met de nieuwste spullen en professionele crew. Daarnaast maakt hij uit uiteraard ook de mooiste beelden
Victor van Galen
Frank is een topper, hij is een ervaren piloot en wij werken altijd fijn met hem samen. Ook met last-minute opdrachten kunnen we bij hem terecht. Aanrader!
Jelle Geurden
Erg tevreden met de service van Frank! Tot de volgende!
Arno Kwint // Merged Content Creators
Great drone skills, perfect equipment and nice communication. Love to work with Frank and his team
Areals By Aero provided not just a seamless flying experience, but also showcased exceptional cinematography in our international film projects. The team, dynamic and professional, brought not only comfort and enjoyment in the air but also a high level of filmmaking expertise. Would definitely hire them again!
Yorick van Vliet
One of the very few elite drone operators in the area. With their Specific Category certification they are allowed to operate in controlled airspace and at night. Crew is always kind and professional. We collaborate a lot and it never disappoints. Highly recommended.
Maarten Slooves
Erg tevreden over de verschillende samenwerkingen met Aerials by AERO. Frank is zeer professioneel. De communicatie verloopt altijd soepel, de output is van hoge kwaliteit en bovenal is het ook nog eens gezellig om samen te werken!
Vivian Raatjes



Most Recent Drones

Using the latest and newest drones, AERO captures aerial imagery that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

11 Years of Experience

Experience makes the differences in all situations and with more than 11 years we sure know how to accomplish every challenge.

Pilots with Cinematic Feel

Flying a drone is one skill, but also knowing what differentiates a 'mweh' shot from a top level cinematic capture is what we do.