Introducing Aerials by AERO.
Always get the aerial footage you want not missing a single capture. By intensively discussing the project with you as our client and more than 10 years of experience we know how to make you a happy client. Drone services like photography and cinematography with the right destination in mind.
Fully licensed (🇪🇺 EU Specific & 🇺🇸 US Part 107 Certified), if we can’t fly nobody can!


Frank Maters


Founded Aerials by AERO in 2013 and is a real flight enthusiast. He fell in love with drones because they are the ultimate tool in limitless cinematography, as he says. The AERO in-house drone legislation expert. Other passions are music and live productions, he is also a livestream director so he knows exactly what you need from the aerial team in broadcast environments.

Lucas van Woudenberg


With a big passion for drones and a drive for making high quality video Lucas is the intern we need. Assisting us so we are able to deliver on the level you expect.


Most Recent Drones

Using the latest and newest drones, AERO captures aerial imagery that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

10 Years of Experience

Experience makes the differences in all situations and with more than 10 years we sure know how to accomplish every challenge.

Pilots with Cinematic Feel

Flying a drone is one skill, but also knowing what differentiates a 'mweh' shot from a top level cinematic capture is what we do.